Private Classes




Do you sometimes feel exhausted and feel you need more energy: physically and mentally?

We all know that today’s lifestyles encourage us towards constant and frenetic activities. We are being consumed with overwork, over exercise, over thinking, over eating and too many late nights.

This can lead to depletion of our energy (yang chi) which eventually burns our reserves (yin chi). This can then result in chronic stress, eventually leading to stress related illnesses, such as pain, low immunity, digestive problems, insomnia etc.

Chi Gong works on many levels, helping you manage your stress and increase your vital energy.

Medical Healing Chi Gong can help with these health issues:

  • Stress management, Anxiety and Insomnia
  • Circulation, Digestion and internal Organ massage
  • Immune Boost – prevent colds and Flu
  • Pain management: for back, shoulders, arthritis and joint pain


All classes are held in Cairns at 12 Majestic Street, Kamerunga